HIIT the Ground Running.

Let m0c9a33_7c87eb10263a427eaca212cb1a67a765.jpg_srb_p_136_136_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srbe set the scene. My alarm goes off at 4.45am. I sneak into the bathroom so as not to wake my house mates who are sound asleep. I quickly and as silently as possible change into my gym gear (prepped and ready the night before) before creeping into the lounge to catch a glimpse of the sun rising. I head out the door, ready to get started on my first real day back in training. Although I trained on occasions last week, I didn’t lift a single weight and my routine was slack to say the least! Coming back from holidays and into everyday routines has proven tough this time around!

But today is Monday. What better day to start fresh than the start of the week? If I allow an excuse today, chances are I will allow them to invade my thoughts for the rest of the week. I have woken up this morning with motivation and commitment to be the best me I can be. So today is go time! And although my gym partner pulled out on me during my drive to the gym, I was determined to smash out some cardio and a decent back session.


For those of you following my blog for my fitness routine, read below:
-20mins cross trainer (Fat Burning Program)

BACK: (4 sets of 12 reps each exercise)
Lat Pull Downs/wide grip (27kgs)
Assisted Chin Ups (27kgs)
Lat Pull Downs/narrow grip (27kgs)
Seated Rows/ wide grip (32kgs)
Straight Arm Pull Downs/ cables
Seated Rows/ narrow grip (32kgs)
Rear Delt Flys machine (18kgs)
Bent Over Dumbell Rows (12kgs)
Bent Over Barbell Row/wide grip (20kgs)

After over an hour in the weights room, I was fatigued and called it a day. Or should I say morning as chances are that I will return this afternoon for Round 2 (Cardio). I left feeling satisfied that I had trained well yet slightly disappointed with my lifting- I was certainly not lifting the same weights as before I left for Europe. However, I need to be patient and confident that my body will become stronger over time and with practice/ consistency.

I have conquered the hardest part- starting again. I need to sit down and reassess my goals. Not just on the scales or measurements, but challenges in the gym that allow me to focus and push harder than before.


Today is Monday…

                               today is Mine!


Any thoughts/comments?

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