This mornings workout is listed below. Although I had made plans to revisit the gym for some cardio in the afternoon… it just didn’t happen today!

Warm Up/ Cardio

– 20 minutes warm up on the cross trainer

Chest & Bis(4 sets x 12 reps) 
Today I super set each as I knew my muscles would fatigue faster due to all the time I’ve had off.

– Bench Press
– Dumbell Bicep Curls
– Dumbell Flys
– Preacher Curls
– Decline Bench Press
– Hammer Curls
– Pec Flys (machine)
– Barbell Curls

For those who are interested in my eating habits, feel free to follow my food diary. 
I use the app “MyFitnessPal” to log my food intake and exercise routines each day. Although I am not a serious calorie counter, I do like to keep track of my carbs/protein/fat intake. At the above link, you can track what I am consuming as well as portion sizing etc. I love this app and use it everyday (except when on holiday).) I feel that it is a nice motivator and makes me think about what I are putting into my body.

 If your regular routine isn’t working, perhaps give this app a try! It’s free too!
Head over to App-solutely in the main menu for more details about this app.


Any thoughts/comments?

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