Last night, I returned home from my three week vacation in France and Italy. And what an amazing trip it was- the sights, the company, the food!

Although I starting off with good intentions (I had worked so hard to get to my goal weight before leaving, that I was desperate to try and keep it off) I some how lost my way. Somewhere between croissant and gelato and the holiday curse of over eating. I kept reassuring myself that “I am always so strict about my training and eating, that  I deserved to splurge now that I am on holiday.”

The combination of over eating and over indulging in the wrong (but some of the most delicious) foods and not training as hard or often as usual, means that I have come home with some extra kilos- and I’m not just referring to my luggage.

Some background info:

Pre holiday-

I trained for 2hours a day, 5 days a week. I woke up early around 4.15am, did an hour of fasted cardio followed by weight training, focusing on a different muscle group/ body part each day before work.

I ate 6 controlled meals a day. By controlled I mean that I was weighing my foods, counting calories and ensuring I met my protein/ carb/ fats ratio. My diet was mostly high protein with a combo of fruits/ veg/ nuts as snacks.

On holiday-

I trained maybe 10 times in total by jogging and the odd self- guided bootcamp session! I can’t even say that I went hard for these sessions. It was more an excuse to get outside and see more of the towns I was staying in or to allow my travel buddy (my sister) to sleep.

I was eating between 3-4 meals a day (usually washed down with a wine or two) which were certainly NOT controlled. I was eating carbs like they were going out of fashion and I don’t even want to think about my sugar intake.

Post holiday-

I’ve only been back for a day and haven’t really had much of an appetite as yet, although I know that will change as the jet lag subsides. I am well known for my eating habits- healthy yes but plentiful also 🙂

I have wanted to start a blog for a while now and have decided- what better time than now! I am hoping through my posts, I can keep myself motivated and encourage others along the way too. Friends and colleagues are often asking me to help them with food and exercise advice so I’m hoping this blog will be just that!

It is important to note that I am NOT a professional, I haven’t studied anything other than my Bachelor of Education. I am NOT claiming to be an expert or know-all. I can NOT give you a magic recipe that will make you drop weight. I can NOT reach through this screen, drag you off your butt to train either.

In saying that, I HAVE done a lot of reading – online and of books that interest me with food theories, exercise tips etc. I CAN share with you what I know. I CAN tell you what I eat, how I train and what works for me. I CAN give my own personal point of view of what may work for you or challenges you can try. I CAN provide personal reviews of some healthy restaurants in and around my area that you must try. I CAN do my best to motivate and inspire you to eat well and train hard.

 I am having to start all over again in regards to my training routine, fitness, motivation, eating regime and sleep patterns. I am not committing to a diet or setting deadlines. I am committing to myself and my healthy life- which is most definitely sunny side up!

Now who is with me?

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