Place all ingredients into a bullet blender or similar and blend until combined and of a “yoghurt” consistency. Place some coconut oil in a pan and fry pancakes, flipping until brown.

I topped my pancakes with the following:
– 50g Soleil Diet No Fat Vanilla Yoghurt (30 cals)
– Wescobee 100% pure honey (13 cals)
– Mixed frozen berries (21 cals)
– Crushed peanuts (60 cals)

On Saturday’s, I like to mix up my usual breakfast (spinach and egg omelette) with a treat. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I completely forget about my goals on the weekend and go wild on a food binge, certainly not! But I do like to venture out from my protein only safe haven and experiment with other healthy options. Sometimes it’s muesli, other times its french toast, but today- it was pancakes. The pancakes are a sweet treat (it felt like I was having dessert for breakfast) and they still work in well with my daily food intake goals. My total calorie intake for breakfast today was still under 300 calorie, that’s with my toppings and all!

 These powerful pancakes are super simple to make and not to mention super delicious too! A perfect way to disguise healthy eating for the little ones or for those who are not calorie conscious and want to be spoilt on Saturdays!

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