Lately I’ve been spoiling myself with the occasional piece of bread at breakfast. Rather than my spinach and scramble or egg white omelette, I’ve been indulging in the new “lower carb” bread by Helgas. The Sunflower and Linseed loaf that I have been devouring is 98 calories a slice with 10 grams of carbs, 3,8 grams of fat and 4.8 grams of protein. With these numbers I am finding that it still fits my daily consumption calorie count, individual macronutrient needs and keeps me feeling like I’m having a little treat cheat, without the naughtiness of a sugar hit. On the days I have been eating bread, I am simply substituting an egg, so rather than two I just have the one.

 I’m still enjoying my usual salad and tuna combo at lunch and am finding now that the weather is warming up, I’m opting for salad rather than the mixed green veggies. I pack my lunch every morning and find that it stops me form over eating. Although as a teacher I often have lots of duty responsibilities during my breaks so only get a short break. I quite like having only 20 minutes to eat as I am finding on the days that I do get to rest, it would be so easy to overeat. As I said, I pack my lunch so I can’t (as like most staff rooms the fridge food is ALWAYS high in sugar!) but seeing as it’s getting hotter I am craving water rather than a cup of tea and fruit rather than comfort food. Bring on summer already!

I’ve also been spoiling myself with new workout gear. Being a sports teacher and training daily, I practically live in my sports gear- I was in desperate need for new tights. So after work today, I went to my favorite sports clothing store, Lorna Jane, and bought three new pair of tights, motivational socks for each day of the week and a washing bag to keep my LJ gear in top shape. Although I spent more than I had anticipated, it was worth every cent as I now am so excited to hit the gym!

It’s crazy how buying new workout gear can be so motivating. I couldn’t wait to hit the gym this morning to show off my new stuff and I feel like I trained harder than usual to make the splurge truly worthy. Thanks Lorna Jane for the motivation.

Binge eating= No Way! Binge Spending and Shopping= Guilty!

Hope you’re having a good day,
Simone xx

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