How do you track your progress?

  • mood or energy?
  • weight on the scales?
  • the way your clothes fit?
  • recording and comparing your body measurements?
  • photos?
  • strength or fitness tests?
  • body fat VS. muscle percentages?

 A) I have always been motivated by my mood and energy. I surround myself with people who inspire me, challenge me and radiate confidence and positivity. So quite often my progress is manipulated by the way I feel. If I am energetic, not fatigued or feeling sluggish throughout my day my eating is in good measure and it usually means I will train well and if I’m training well, I feel energised! If I feel like I’m hitting a low in the afternoon, feeling tired early in the evening- I check if I am eating enough or eating the right foods!

B) It is so easy to become consumed and obsessed with the reading on the scales. Something, admittedly, I do use to record my progress- although, not solely. I use scales as a motivator because when I see my weight go down, I can assess the changes that I made that month/week to work out what I’m going to do in coming weeks. What did I eat or how did I train to get those results? Scales had the power to be my worst nightmare too! If they went up (be it even grams never mind kilos) I would feel disheartened and like my time in the gym was being wasted. However, it also depends what your motivator is! Now that I am at my healthy goal weight, I am purely training to maintain this weight. This means my poor scales that so often put a smile on my face, have been made redundant!

C) Now that scales no longer show my fitness progress, I have been using clothing as my guide. The clothes that were kept at the back of the cupboard as my “one day they will fit me” clothes, have been dragged and and worn! Finally! I am finding that the jeans that once hugged all the wrong places and made me feel more like I was a bakery (with rolls and a muffin top) are now fitting me and I am wearing them with confidence. It is such a typical girl thing to own a full wardrobe and yet still complain that we have nothing to wear. The amount of clothing is not the problem, but the way we feel when we wear them! If I don’t feel confident in my outfit, I won’t wear it and I certainly won’t be a daring enough to try a new trend!

D) I used to record my body measurements each week and compare the inches to track my progress. Where did I lose the most cm’s? What exercises was I doing in order for that to happen etc. I haven’t taken my measurements in almost a year, although I’m thinking that I may start. Having numbers or something that is actually measurable and recordable (other than just the way I look and feel in my clothes) is rather motivating for me. It might be the push that I need to start lifting heavier and reaching some of my fitness goals.

E) Photos are are awesome way to show off progress and another way to motivate others to make a change. I’m not a huge “progress pic” girl but I know it’s an important part of the process, being so super proud of your body and allowing others to appreciate your muscle tone or weight loss or what ever your progress may be. In saying that I don’t often post progress pics, I sure as hell love seeing others and I’m constantly liking progress pics on instagram. I am always motivated by those who can not only make the changes needed for such awesome progress, but I admire they confidence in sharing their journey with the world. Who knows? Perhaps I will share mine some day soon!

F) Strength and fitness tests are important to me. I am always up for a challenge even if it is racing myself. Besides, I don’t want to be better than anyone else other than the girl I was yesterday. Everyday I want to be a better version of myself in every aspect of my life. Every week on my exercise program, I update and record the weights I am using for each exercise, plus the amount of reps performed. I also like the challenge of racing myself. Quite often I set myself a time limit and see how far I can run during that time frame. Of course in the following week or day, depending how I am feeling- I will try and beat that! Even if it’s by  one second… progress is progress and I’m proud of my achievements.

G) I have not had my body fat or muscle percentages taken in almost 6 months so I cannot comment on this at the moment. However, within the next few weeks I want to get my body fat tests done by a professional and get some advice in regards to my eating and training. I really want to tone up for the holidays and for the summer of course. So stay tuned for some updates in this area!

 Happy Friday,
Simone xx

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