Today, I had my final body composition analysis for the year. All day I felt so nervous as it was today that I would find out if my training and eating regime was paying off. Although I have been seeing results on the scales and my clothes are fitting rather loosly- tody I would get the stats! The real deal, based on science, that I couldn’t ignore.

(On my way: a combination of nerves and excitement!)

After school I went stright to my gym, which is where the test would take place. The amazing team from BioXScan were there to help analyze my stats and offer advice to help me get to where I ultimately want to be.

I have attached a photo of my results so that you can check out my stats. I can’t really compare them with anything yet as I have never had a bioXscan before. I am hoping to mix up and alter my diet and training plan in the new year and then have a scan every 2 months to monitor my progress.

I will explain the analysis to you as the lady explained it to me incase you are a little lost (like I was- the analysis is so in depth!)
So basically the top graph explains my weight. I weigh 52.5kgs. 32.6L is body water, 8.7kgs is protein, 3.03 is minerals and 8.2kgs is body fat. 52.5kgs is within the normal healthy weight range (although towards to bottom end) with my BMI being 18.6 and my body fat percentage being 15.5%. I was so overwhelmed and had the biggest sense of pride. Female fitness models usually come in between 10-13% body fat so I was within the athletic range which makes me so very happy that I am well on my way to success. The lady suggested that I put on 2.3kgs of muscle and roughly 3kgs of fat fat to reach my goal of being between 10-13% body fat. Bring on 2015- new year, new goals and new me!

My arms and legs came in at over 100% muscle, which was surprising and extremely motivating! I have always struggled with upper body strength and this was exactly the encouragement I needed to keep pushing harder and lifting heavier! (My arms weighed in at roughly 112%, my legs at 116% and my truck at 110%)

My visceral fat level showed a reading of 3. Visceral fat level is an indicaator based on the estimated amounth of fat surrounding internal organs in the abdomen. VFL should remain under 10 to be regarded as healthy- and I was 3! WA HOOOO… clean eating really is the key and I couldn’t be happier with that result.

I have a lot of work to do in regards to my muscle tone. I came in at 72/100. (seriously muscular people being able to score over 100!) However, this body analysis acted as the best reassurance that what I am doing IS working and that my sacrifices, early morning get ups and sweaty mornings are well worth it! I am more keen than ever to train hard and continue to make progress and improvements. I think I will see a nutrition specialist early in 2015 to help me build a training and eating program that will encourage weight gain and muscle control so that I can get fitter, stronger and even happier!

I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone in my life: family, friends, collegues and the gorgeous students and families at my school that have supported me every step of the way. I have been overwhelmed this year by the generous gifts of fruits, vegetables, eggs etc as the perfect substitute for christmas treats! Without you support and constant encouragement, I couldn’t have reached these goals. Although I am not at my ultimate goal weight, muscle tone and body fat percentage- I have come a seriously long way this year and I couldn’t be prouder or happier with myself.

Huge shout outs to ‘The American’ who is my biggest supporter and loudest cheer squad! Thanks for:
– force feeding my cheat meals (which I know I actually need every now and again!)
– eating such bland and boring meals most nights of the week
– living in an apartment where the pantry consists only of fresh produce and close to no packaged goods
– listening to my constant whinging when you indulge in sugar
– always being the leader of my adventures. I love paddleboarding, walking, hiking, swimming and everything inbetween with you!
– putting up with my alarm clock that rings every morning at 4am
– and above all else… telling me that I am perfect each and everyday!

I am incredibly blessed to live my life and I wouldn’t change one single part of it!

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