The American and I arrived home from New Zealand this afternoon and I just couldn’t wait to jump on and update you on my best kept secret! Although I have been busy blogging daily on my travel pod travel blog, I have missed updating you guys on all of my adventures and thoughts. I had a truly amazing holiday with so much excitement and memories… but I have been holding my breath to tell you some pretty exciting news. It’s officially the New Year so I can officially tell you my news…you ready?

 A week before Christmas, I was approached by a new and up and coming protein brand called Rare Candy, wanting me to trial and potentially blog about their product. Although I was super excited and wanted this to be the break I was working so hard for, I was also keen to hear more about it before jumping straight in. So I organised my first business meeting with the owner/creator/brains behind the brand, who spent well over two hours informing me about the product including how and where the whey protein is sourced and packaged, all about the amino acids and how our bodies function best.

Before even tasting the product I was keen to trial it due to the nutritional information:
– 115 calories per serve
– 23.7 grams of protein
– 1.8 grams of carbs
– 0.5 grams of glutamine

I spoke with him about my goals and aims for 2015. I told him that I needed to gain muscle and keep as lean as possible. I was honest in saying that I could never replace a meal with a shake as I enjoy eating far too much. (Which is why it is so great that the calories are so low on these shakes, that way I can work one or two into my daily diet and still keep to my calorie count!) Rare Candy may be exactly what I need in regards to my goals and body gains this year by using it as a high protein snack for after school and training, rather than snacking on fruit which throughs my carb intake out completely!

Then I got to the good bit… tasting them. He put two scoops into a shaker and added skim milk (although I personally think it is just as delicious with water!) and shook it for seriously 20 seconds. No blender, no metal ball inside to separate it…it was super quick and easy and the consistency was perfection. Rare Candy’s Level Up protein is available in two flavours: Vanilla Surge and Chocolate Rush. Vanilla Surge was my favourite, but that’s because I’m partial to vanilla over chocolate in anything. It would be delicious with banana blended in, frozen as ice cream, used in pancakes… you name it- it would be ideal as it was creamy and yum. The Chocolate Rush was like drinking a milk shake. I commented that it had no yucky after taste…I was told this is due to the product containing no aspartame and made as healthy as possible.

 I was sold…absolutely more than willing to give it a go, especially when we were both very honest with each other. I agreed to trailing the product over a month or two, posting regularly about my progress, muscle tone and gains along the way and posting recipes I have found effective when using Rare Candy Level Up protein. But I also vowed that I would be completely honest about the product. I write all posts with passion and would never be able to lie or mislead my followers and readers to believing something I don’t truly believe in myself. To my surprise, he was delighted about my honesty and was pretty adamant that I would not be disappointed.

However, as you are aware I went down south for Christmas then overseas for the holidays so was unable to start straight away. Tomorrow I will be collecting my first bucket of Level Up Vanilla Surge and starting my ‘2015 MAKING IT MINE’ program. I will of course be sharing my new workout routines and eating plans with you all (which will include rare candy protein shakes) and I want to offer you the chance to trial this product with me and share this journey together. With hard work, dedication and motivation- I WILL be achieving my 2015 goals of being 13% body fat or less and training for a half marathon later in the year. What was your New Years Resolution? If it was to get fit, healthy, gain more energy, tone up, lift heavier, run faster or even just to get started then jump on board this train, because I am leaving this station in the morning and headed for bigger and better things!

Rare Candy is willing to offer all Sunny Side Up readers and followers a 10% discount off all products online to help encourage us in our New Year endeavours. Should you wish to order, please click on the Rare Candy link below which will redirect you to their website and be sure to type Sunnysideup (case sensitive) as the promo code when you checkout.

Rare Candy Logo For those of you who are not quite sure just yet if Rare Candy is for you, that’s OK too- I will be keeping you updated on a weekly basis about my progress and hopefully through my photos and comments, you and I will see the results gained by using this product in conjunction with a new and improve exercise routine for 2015.

 Bring on 2015! I’m ready to Level Up…are you?

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