Can you believe it is February already?
Where did January go?

So with month #1 done and dusted, it is time to assess our own fitness and wellness journey. I have compiled a list of questions below, that I would encourage you to answer to help you to establish firm commitments. By committing to making a positive change in your life, you are already a step closer towards achieving your goals. We are going to continue to be active, nourish our bodies with the right foods and be positive and energetic everyday.

What have I achieved this month?
What am I proud of?
What have I been doing well?
What am I enjoying most?
What do I need to put more energy and focus into in Month #2?
What do I need to alter or change to get me closer to my goal?
How will I know that I have achieved my goal?

If January wasn’t all that you had hoped it would be, you didn’t commit to working out or you didn’t trial new and health recipes or you didn’t aim to promote positivity, then acknowledge that, write it down if needed and prepare strategies that can help you rectify these challenges in the month of Feb. You did not fail! You may have succumbed to temptations having New Years Eve and Australia Day in the mix- but you have not failed! This is a journey, a lifestyle change and in month #12 you will look back and see that your ‘new’ healthy and active behaviors are in fact your newly develop habits that come naturally.

You can do this! It’s 2015… make it yours!

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