Mid Week Meal Inspiration!

IMG_8565Lacking inspiration? Sick of cooking and eating the same foods? Or simply searching for nutritious and delicious, easy mid-week meals?
Head on over to my Food For Thought page.

Tonight I added Pan Fried Coconut Fish & Lemon Soy Prawns to this ever growing list. After a busy day back at work, two gym sessions and a baseball meeting this evening, I needed something quick and easy that would also suit my eating plan.

The last thing I feel like doing during the week is to search through cook books and online recipes. I usually try to be super organised by planning all my meals and shopping for the groceries on Sundays so I am ready for my week. But sometimes this doesn’t always work out and I love having a go-to collection of SIMPLE recipes to get me by.

If you have a favourite meal or a recipe that you think others would want- please email it to me using the Contact page or #simonemckennablog on instagram.

Let’s get adventurous in the kitchen this week!


Any thoughts/comments?

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