My training session was fairly light this morning with a focus on abs and shoulders. I will most likely hit the gym again later this afternoon so I can complete a more intense cardio session. I just wasn’t feeling up to it this morning. It is fairly unusual for me to feel unmotivated (especially on a Monday morning) so I listened to my body and just did what I could.

– 20x drop push ups
– 1 minute plank
– 20x tricep dips
– 25x bent leg + hip raises n bench
– Dumbbell squat and press (12.5kg)
– 20x crunches

Repeat x 3-4

– Standing Barbell press
– Upright Rows with heavy Barbell
– Front raises with dumbbells
– Seated dumbbell press
– Side raises (dumbbells)
– Plate Shrugs
– Seated reverse flys

Hope you are having a great Monday so far!

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