IMG_7618After a week of feeling very average and rather unmotivated- I woke up this morning feeling on top of the world! I started my morning with a long, leisurely bike ride into town with a girlfriend to meet with others for coffee. It was so nice to ride in the sunshine, chat and enjoy exercise without time restrictions and challenging PB’s.

IMG_8513I decided that the weather was far too nice to stay inside. So, I met up with another friend to walk the Mandurah bridges circuit, which is approximately 6.5kms and such a beautiful, scenic walk. When we finished, we decided to celebrate my final day of school holidays with lunch at a local Irish pub, Murphy’s. We both chose a grilled chicken salad that was mixed with lettuce leaves, feta, caramelised pumpkin, cashews, red onion, cucumber and dressed with the most refreshing raspberry vinegar dressing. It was so delicious and so filling.

IMG_7809I drove home for a little rest before hitting the gym again with the American for an intense back session.

My session consisted of the following:
– 3 sets of 12 wide grip lat pull downs
– 3 sets of 12 close grip/reverse lat pull downs
– 3 sets of 15 seated rows
– 3 sets of 15 assisted chin ups
– 3 sets of 15 dumbbell rows on bench
– 3 sets of 15 back extensions

I’ve just got home and The American has suggested a walk into town tonight! WHAT! The only way I’m walking, is if ice cream is the prize.

It is so great to feel healthy again. Even though my eating has been very flexible these holidays, I have been active every single day and am looking forward to getting back onto my strict eating regime.

Today has been a great day so far – I hope your day has been great too!
Be sure to let me know how you were active today and comment below…

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