IMG_8285Tonight I was invited out for dinner with my parents and their kick-ass bunch of friends, I think they felt bad for me having to cook for one whilst ‘The American’ is away. My parents have the greatest social life and the coolest bunch of friends, I always look forward to hanging out with them! They are members of our local sailing club so go for a meal there every Thursday night. They invite us quite often to share a meal with them there although I usually politely decline knowing that the food is most typically pub grub with grilled fish and salad the healthiest option on the rather small menu.

However, tonight I decided to accept their offer and seeing as though I’ve been strict all week, I decided that one meal away from my eating plan wouldn’t effect things too much. I was pleasantly surprised when I arrived and saw the menu- Baked chicken breast with smashed potato base, grilled portobello mushroom and sun dried tomato pesto. When it arrived at the table it was presented beautifully for a very small, quaint clubhouse. I separated the chicken breast, mushroom and pesto and demolished it, leaving the smashed potato behind as I knew it wouldn’t sit well in my stomach considering I haven’t eaten such starchy carbs in quite some time.

The chicken breast was filling enough anyway as it was approximately 200g! Far more than one serving! But it was so delicious and I was more than happy that I accepted the invite tonight. Safe to say that I will be back again soon. After my busy day, I was more than excited to have the night off cooking!

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