Today’s training was exactly the way I like it- intense, tough and exhausting! Nothing beats a workout that leaves you feeling both shattered and proud at the same time!

After all- today is Friday. Any extra workouts over the weekend are by choice and for pure enjoyment only. All muscles groups have been trained this week and my body is loving me for it. I started today’s workout with a solo HIIT session.

– 30x cross jumps
– 30x weighted step ups
– 40x jump lunges
– 15x tuck jumps
– 15x squats
– 24x walking lunges
– 15x burpees
                         Repeat x4

This session was enough to get my heart pounding and legs feeling a little bit like lead- but it was exactly what I needed to get me ready for the killer leg session that was to follow.

Today I mixed up my legs routine as I’m wanting to lift heavier to really tone up!
I devised the following program by combining both compound and isolation movements. The compound movements will be the bulk of my workout as they are great for working all three of the leg groups. I have supplemented my program with isolations to hit the individual muscles with intensity in resistance to help further shape the muscles.


1) Squats- Smith Machine/ Unilateral (close, normal or wide stance)
2) Leg Press (45 degrees/ horizontal)
3) Weighted Walking lunges (dumbbell or barbell options)

1) Leg Curls (hamstrings)
2) Leg Extensions (quads)

1) Hip Adductions (hamstrings)
2) Hip Abductions  (hamstrings)
3) Barbell seated calf raises (calves)
4) Dead lifts

– 2-3 warm-up sets with 20-25 reps
– 3-4 working sets at 8-12 reps

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