IMG_8443Over the past few days I have been feeling less than average. Not very often I feel average so when I do, I tend to feel a little sorry for myself. It started Monday morning I guess, when I was lacking motivation during my HIIT session. I usually love Monday morning training sessions as they set the standard for the rest of the week. I usually go hard and strong on a Monday- but last Monday, I just felt off. Monday night after dinner, my stomach just felt a little squeamish and I needed to lay down. Although I felt tired, I couldn’t sleep because I couldn’t get comfortable. It continued on into Tuesday when I woke up, hit the gym for fasted cardio and realised that I just couldn’t run as the bouncing made me feel dizzy and faint. So I simply walked on the treadmill and then on the stepper before returning home, no weights though. I went about Tuesday as normal as possible, a late lunch with a friend at Heaven Raw Cafe and then onto the Rare Candy Meet & Greet session at Anytime Fitness in Success. Lunch was my only meal of the day as when I returned home later last night, I was feeling exhausted. Totally unlike me- I would usually force myself to eat or eat even when I’m not hungry. I was hoping a good night sleep would shake it!

I had been lacking an appetite all week, which was already a clear warning sign that I wasn’t well because normally I am counting down until the next meal. I can even be eating my lunch and dreaming about dinner! Although I haven’t been feeling 100% I haven’t been skipping my training sessions, I’ve just been training differently. If I didn’t do anything active, I knew that I would feel even worse (and even more sorry for myself.)

IMG_8467Knowing that I hadn’t nourished my body and fuelled it correctly for a heavy workout, rather than HIIT this morning, I just did 45 minutes of interval training on the spin bike. I rode fast on a light resistance for 40 seconds then 20 seconds slow and heavy. It was still enough to get my cardio fix and yet didn’t make my stomach sore or body faint.  I completed a short bi’s and tri’s circuit to get the blood flowing and started to work up a bit of an appetite. Thank goodness. It is safe to say I’m not going to be doing anything too strenuous today or at least until I can follow my eating plan again and get my macros back to where I need them in order to perform at my best.

Too often I take my health and wellbeing for granted. It really made me think about everyone with illnesses, diseases or injuries that prohibit them from training or living an active lifestyle. I hope that they feel better and recover soon. Just having two down days has left me feeling weak, I can only imagine how they must feel.

My Bi’s & Tri’s circuit:
– 10x barbell bicep curls
– 20x hammer curls
– 10x reverse ezybar curls
– 15x overhead extensions
– 15x tricep dips
– 15x tricep push downs on cables

Repeat x 3.

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