Today a friend and I made the 1.5hr drive from Mandurah to Scarborough to visit the Health Freak Cafe. I had already contacted the cafe via Facebook, in which Victoria was most pleasant and reserved us a table. Victoria ensured us that we would be looked after due to the fact that we were coming such as distance. The service that we experienced exceeded our expectations by far. When we arrived (an hour earlier than we had prearranged) Victoria was more than accommodating by greeting us with a hug and her positively vibrant smile before seating us at a table inside. We looked over the incredible menu and almost had to flip a coin to make a decision as they all sounded so great!

Brooke opted for the Paleo Plate which consisted of poached eggs and bacon onto of a bruschetta mix & a side serve of granola and fruit with coconut water. Brooke complimented her meal with a Paleo Coconut Latte too. I went for the Protein Bruschetta which consisted of Health Freak Cafe brandedProtein bread layered with cherry tomato, onion, basil and avocado, topped with Poached eggs and shaved parmesan. I also had a long mac topped up with skim milk.

Our coffees came to our table instantly and were extra hot, which was great considering today was rather cold and windy! Victoria was very personable and  spent time with us talking about the cafe and also about the locations of the other cafes in Subiaco, most recently in Joondalup and also the Mandurah cafe that is due to open in March next year! I questioned Victoria about the protein bread that came with my Protein Bruschetta as I saw the poster on the wall that said their home made bread was only 1g of carbs per serve and 8g of protein. She was so very helpful in listing all the ingredients and helping me with the macro count and furthermore- gave me a loaf to take home! Victoria suggested that I have it toasted with a serve of cottage cheese, strawberries and cinnamon. I cannot wait to try that combo.

Within a few moments our meals arrived, both presented perfectly and smelling delicious! We were both very impressed with our choices and tucked into it straight away. The flavours were incredible with both of us commenting on how perfectly the eggs were poached. The protein bread was insane- a blend of protein powder, almonds, seeds and whey, which actually tasted light than normal bread. Both serving sizes were generous and left us feeling more than satisfied.

After we finished, the staff were quick to clear our relatively small table to give us room for conversation and comfort. Victoria then introduced us to the inspirational young woman that is opening the Mandurah store next March. She gave us lots of facts about its location and her vision for the decor. Nothing was too much trouble for these girls and the fact that they gave up their time to talk with us and share their plans made us feel very warm and welcome.

On leaving, Victoria came out to give as a take home treat tray of delicious cakes and slices. We were overwhelmed with gratitude. The effort and time the girls put into our visit was above and beyond! Our experience at the Health Freak Cafe could not have been any better. The location, the menu selection, the price, the decor and the service was indescribable. It was like we were part of the family!

The Health Freak Cafe is exactly as the name suggests- health conscious and therefore all their products are 100% clean! Every item on the menu is accompanied by a summary of exact ingredients, calories and macro count, which assists in making healthy and accurate choices to best suit your own eating habits or goals.

I cannot comment enough about the amazing Health Freak Cafe experience. I would highly recommend everyone within WA to get to a Health Freak Cafe ASAP. I can assure that you will not be disappointed!

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