IMG_8737The idea of “WILLPOWER” always fascinates me!

A week ago, had you of asked me how hard I train in the gym, I would have answered quite confidently with “100% effort every session!” I considered myself motivated and strong and thought that I pushed myself in every training session.

Today I started a new training and eating program designed to suit my fitness goals in  growing some muscles and building strength. I went to the gym to trial my new “push” session which incorporates chest, shoulders and tris.
I made a commitment to myself on my way to the gym about following the plan to perfect: correct number of reps, sets, timing and tempos to ensure I give this plan my best attempt!

IMG_8396WOW! Now I know that I can push myself even harder. Half way through the routine, my arms were jelly and I felt the feeling of “dizziness” in my head. I continued to hydrate my body, conduct some positive self talk and keep at it. At the end of my workout, I knew I had pushed my body to my max and was so proud of myself for motivating myself enough to keep pushing.

IMG_8294I can confirm that I now know what it feels like to train at 100% effort for the entire session. With each new exercise I focused on that muscle and executed each with correct form and challenging weight. Walking out of the gym with complete satisfaction and pride is a feeling that I want each and everyday.

It’s safe to say that I’m loving my latest fitness and meal plan! After a seriously intense “push” session I’m enjoyed my “post workout snack” of 150g peri peri chicken breast, 40g spinach leaves & 1/2 a pear. 

Time to grow me some muscles! WATCH THIS SPACE!

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