Overhead extensions
Overhead extensions

This morning I hit the gym around 9am, starting with a short HIIT session on the treadmill. I ran 40seconds on at 13km/hr and then 20seconds off, resting on the edge of the treadmill. I repeated this for 20 minutes which spiked my heart rate and got me pumped up ready to smash Bis and Tris.

This mornings arms workout was as follows:
10x bicep curls (15kg barbell)
20x hammer curls (9kg dumbbells)
10x reverse ezy bar curls (2x 2.5kg plates +ezy bar)
15x overhead extentions (12.5kg dumbbell)
15x tricep dips (on bench)
15x tricep pull downs (on cables)
Repeat x4.

Tricep Dips

By the end of the session, my arms were fatigued although next arms session I am going to challenge with a heavier weight for hammer curls and overhead extensions. I still felt like I could have given more in those two exercises. It’s important to keep challenging yourself and mix up your routine regularly so that you are motivated and keen to workout. I love recording my weights in my LJ diary so that I can keep pushing myself in strength and not just fitness.

My face says it all - "What are you doing?"
My face says it all
– “What are you doing?”

Lauren joined me today in the gym and completed the same above workout as me just with different weights. Although next week I’m going to encourage her to lift heavier weights as she still found time in her reps to take some sneaky shots of me!

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