Sapore Espresso Bar



This morning, my girlfriends and I crossed another  cafe off our “must try” list. Today’s cafe of choice was SAPORE ESPRESSO BAR in Belmont, located opposite the Belmont Shopping Centre.

Sapporo offer delicious home cooked and locally sourced produce to ensure every item on their menu is fresh and delicious. They make their own baked beans, hash browns, fritters and muffins.

Our Breakfast

Our Breakfast

After the girls arrived, we all decided to each try something different on the menu so we could all get a little taste test of everything. Sarah opted for the Red Velvet Pancakes, Torey the Tomato, Avocado and Bacon Panini, Krystal went for the Corn Fritters whilst I selected the Dukkah poached eggs on sourdough toast.

The staff, service, food, decor and general atmosphere of Sapore Espresso Bar was amazing and our entire morning was perfect! I would most definitely recommend this espresso bar for anyone with an appetite for good food at a very affordable price!

Check out my full review in Reviews and Recommendations or CLICK HERE!


Any thoughts/comments?

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