Homemade Granola Bars (3 base ingredients)

So these super easy and delicious homemade granola bars don’t quite suit my Marcos at the moment but I will definitely be keep these in mind and making them as a dessert for guests when they pop in for afternoon tea! I don’t usually have afternoon tea type treats in my apartment and I’m usually left rather embarrassed when guests swing by for a cup of tea or coffee. I love these bars as the ingredients listed are all household items that I would usually have in the pantry anyway!

Perfectly easy, quick and effective as a healthy treat. Would be so delicious served with greek yoghurt and berries.

Balanced Eating, Real Food.


Chances are… you’ve eaten a granola bar in your life. Chances are… it is your “healthy” snack when you get hungry in class, at work or at home.

Have you ever taken your time to read the nutrition label? Yes, the front says whole grain, high fiber, no fructose corn syrup or trans fat. HOWEVER, that does not mean it’s a healthy granola bar! If you read the label, it may contain different types of sweeteners such as sugar, invert sugar, corn syrup, brown rice syrup, brown sugar, molasses or corn syrup solids. Those are all forms of sugar, and many granola bars are PACKED with them. Many bars have brown rice syrup or sugar as the FIRST ingredient. When I see sugar as the first ingredient in ANYTHING, I immediately put it back on the shelf. There probably is also a bunch of preservatives and ingredients you’ve never heard of.

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