IMG_8558It is no secret that I love going out for a meal, especially breakfast!
Who doesn’t?
But why is it that when eating out, we are suddenly tempted by foods that we would never normally even contemplate eating? It’s like our eating plans and macro counts become non-existent and our goals become less important all for that one meal, that you know you are going to regret later!

Below I have included a list of Do’s & Don’ts when dining out to ensure that we stay focused on  our goals, yet still enjoy a well deserved meal.

View the Menu Prior to Dining:
I am renowned for viewing online menus and making my meal decision prior to dining at a restaurant. This was I ensure that I have made the healthiest or best choice of meal to suit my macros and eating/ training plan. It means I won’t be rushed or pressured into eating something I really don’t want. I also like viewing the menu to ensure that I am eating at a restaurant that I genuinely want to eat at. I’m certainly not going to waste my calories on a meal I’m not overly keen on! I don’t eat out too often so when I do, I want it to be worth it and at a restaurant I’m keen to try out!

Avoid Bread as an entrée:
Avoid breads in any form- Garlic bread, bread & dips, bread sticks, cheese platters etc are just going to fill you up prior to your meal. Ask yourself, would you usually eat breads to begin your meal at home? Is it bread that you came out for tonight or your main meal? Is this garlic/ cheese bread actually going to make you happy? Is this what you have been training so hard for? If your answer is no to any of the above- you don’t want bread! It is simply a temptation. You can say no! Life will go on, chances are you will actually enjoy your main meal more!

Avoid These Foods:
– Deep fried food.
– Foods that have creamy sauce on it- pastas, salads, soups, steaks etc.
Perhaps ask for the sauce/dressings on the side so you can add as little or much as you like!
– Meals that contain poultry with its skin on.
– Anything breaded, crumbed etc

Replacements & Substitutions:
Don’t be afraid to ask for replacements or substitutions to your meal.
Instead of rice, potatoes or fries- ask for extra vegetables or a side salad instead.

IMG_9041 2Don’t Overeat:
You have decided on dining out, you want to enjoy it! Whatever the purpose may be: an anniversary, birthday celebration or as a treat, you are wanting to enjoy a meal prepared by someone else and sometimes out of your usual eating habits. So do that- enjoy it! Overeating usually leaves you feeling full, sick, sluggish and regretful.

We need to live a balanced life. This should not prohibit or restrict your ability to eat out, dine with friends or enjoy a celebratory meal. Treat yourself occasionally and reward yourself as needed for your hard work and dedication to training/ nutrition etc. BUT- don’t lose sight of what you want most!

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