This morning I woke up early, even without an alarm, I guess it’s just my body clock as I am so used to getting up early to train cardio then weights before school. FullSizeRender 2Although I am not supposed to be doing any cardio at the moment on my new training program, I couldn’t help but squeeze in a super quick session.

I woke up with tight, stiff muscles and thought that I would flush them out with a short HIIT session on the bike at the gym. After 20 minutes, my cardio was complete and my muscles loved me for it. My body is fatigued from my new training routine but I’m feeling stronger and leaner everyday. I love that I am sore. I love that I am challenging myself and pushing myself to reach new goals and PBs every session.

IMG_8767 2I love that I still have two intense sessions (Push and Legs) before I get my rest day on Sunday. But I know that when Sunday rolls around, I want to deserve the break. I want to NEED the rest!

I am slowly learning that this health and fitness journey that I am on is becoming less about the way I look and more about the way I feel. I am actually enjoying the challenges of training, pushing myself to the extreme and loving the results. Feeling pride and passion and confidence and energy ALL THE TIME! I love the power that I hold. I have the power to change my attitude and thoughts from negative to positive and that in turn affects the rest of my day and potentially the day of others around me. It is exciting to watch my body change and strengthen based on how I choose to fuel it and condition it.

I just want this feeling for everyone. I know once you start, you won’t be able to stop!

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