Weekends are for Working Out!

Screen Shot 2015-06-27 at 5.19.31 pmWeekends can go one of two ways- either leave you feeling guilty and further away from your health and fitness goals OR a chance for you to enjoy your favourite routines or activities without the time constraints that a usual week day brings!

My weekends are always the latter! I use my weekends as a chance to smash PBs in the gym or enjoy longer training sessions with a friend or train outdoors whether it be riding my bike or paddle boarding and sometimes, I just complete training routines that my weekly lifestyle doesn’t usually allow due to time constraints. Weekends are my chance to leave my usual routine behind and do the things that I love. Working out has very quickly become not just one of my favourite pastimes and hobbies, but a passion, obsession and career!

Screen Shot 2015-06-27 at 5.29.34 pmToday I am more motivated than ever as I have finally signed up and paid for my PT course through ACE fitness. I will start my online study tomorrow and continue for 4-6 months until I am confident to sit the exam through ECU! At least this will keep my brain occupied whilst I am out of action with my surgery in July!

If you overindulged in food or alcohol last night…now is your chance to use the weekend for the better! Make each day count and be active, eat right and make good choices. Don’t let this weekend get the better of you! You don’t want to wake up on Monday feeling guilty and regretting your weekend.



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