Breakfast with LJ.

This morning I woke up just before 4am to get ready for a very important date. A few months ago I purchased my ticket to attend the Perth Business Chicks Breakfast Conference at the Crown Grand Ballroom, to meet and hear the incredible story of the Australian fitness and fashion icon- the one and only Lorna Jane Clarkson! And the day was finally here…
I got on the road around 5am to pick up my girlfriend, Toni, who would be attending the breakfast with me. Unfortunately as soon as we got on the Freway we got stuck in traffic. We were hardly even out of Mandurah when we were bumper to bumper, only to hear sirens and see fire, police and ambulance vehicles zoom past us. We knew there had been an accident and the road had been closed. We couldn’t exit, turn around or move so we had to sit and wait. We didn’t move for close to 50minutes, with no idea what was going on- you can only imagine our thoughts! By this stage it was 6.45am and we knew the doors would be opening and our greatest idol would be taking the stage at any moment…AND we still had an hours drive in front of us- not to mention the peak hour traffic that we were hoping to avoid by leaving so early! By 7.15am we were finally able to move. We were disheartened and thought our dream of meeting LJ were simply that- dreams!

IMG_0236But… luck was on our side, we had an easy drive all the way to the Crown and after running up the escalators, through corridors and around corners… we were happily seated in our seats in the Grand Ballroom just before 8am and enjoying the delicious breakfast on offer. We had a poached egg, asparagus, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes and smashed avocado to begin, then a serving of vanilla yoghurt and toasted muesli with fresh fruit and then sugar-free banana bread. DELICIOUS!

IMG_0270Each guest got given a very generous gift bag that included some amazing products including:
– T2 tea bags
– $40 Lorna Jane gift card
– Verival muesli
– Slim Secrets protein bars
– Fab Health Liquid Iron
– Hydralyte samples
– Chapsticks
– Benefit roller lash
– Arbonne Eye Cream
– Dermalogica face care samples
– $20 Aussie Farmers voucher
– Journey of Me book
– Nudie fruit soda cans

IMG_0241We couldn’t believe our luck when we heard that Lorna Jane hadn’t even been on stage yet. I am disappointed that I missed out on the opportunity to mingle with the other girls at our table and hear about their incredible lives, but also grateful that I hadn’t missed the main reason for me attending the day- Lorna Jane. Just after 8am Lorna Jane entered the ballroom and joined our host for the morning, Monika Kos, to speak about her life, business and future. We were a few tables back from the stage so couldn’t get great footage but could see her and hear her perfectly so I took some notes of the “enlightening” quotes and information that she shared with us so I could share them with you too!

Not everyone has the luxury to do what they want to do, when they want to do it but if you don’t wake up everyday with a purpose and sense of passion and pride, make changes! Small changes everyday until you are working towards your goal and dreams.

Surround yourself with people who live and breath your philosophy. People who not only have the same interests but who have the same drive, determination and desires. LJ works with her husband (The CEO of the business) and says that she couldn’t have it any other way. She needs to be with someone whom she doesn’t have to apologise to if she takes long calls about business at all hours of the night, or who she can share new design ideas with and who lives and breathes her passions in the same way she does.

People will always offer advice and tell you that you can/can’t do something. They will try and compare you with others and critique your plans, but if you believe in yourself and your dream- take that chance! LJ told us a story about the early years when she was selling her active wear from a small booth within a gym and when she wanted to expand and rent her own store in Brisbane, the gym owner told her that she was making a big mistake and would quite likely lose money etc. Of course, this made her stop and think about her decision and whether he was right- but in the end she believed in herself, took the plunge and look where and what it got her!

LJ made a point about her slogan: “Move, Nourish, Believe” and said that really it should be in the reverse order. If you are not living positive and healthy thoughts, then you are not healthy! If you don’t  have belief that you are here for a purpose and are worthy of positivity and good things happening, chances are that they won’t!

A piece of Lorna Jane clothing sells every 23 seconds… can you believe that? But it is not the money, fame or fortune that drives Lorna. Other than her genuine desire to inspire others (which was so obvious from the way she spoke and presented this morning) Lorna made a comment about wanting to make healthy the trend. Living a healthy lifestyle is far more beneficial than money. Money cannot buy health, nor can it replace it. Being healthy is everything and that is why Lorna lives a healthy lifestyle regardless if she is on holidays, taking a break or celebrating!

When Monika asked Lorna why she started Lorna Jane, she responded with the following:
“I started making gym clothes originally as there was nothing on the market that I wanted to wear, so I started making my own clothing line that would inspire me to work out each day. I wanted to wear my new designs, which made me be active so as I could wear it. As more and more people started asking me to make them sports wear, I realised that I was inspiring others to move also. This is the idea behind Lorna Jane- to inspire women all over the globe!”

After the presentation, we wIMG_0252ere given the opportunity to purchase a copy of her new book “Inspired” which hasn’t yet been released to the public. Of course, I made my purchase and then joined the queue to have my copy signed by a seriously motivational woman. The anticipation nearly killed me and I had butterflies for the first time in a long time! When I finally got the chance to meet her, I introduced myself and we shook hands. She signed my book and even stopped for a photo with me too. She is so tiny and gorgeous and exactly the way I had envisioned her to be and so much more! She was so welcoming and when she spoke to you, she really looked at you, like straight into your eyes!

It’s safe to say that today was worth the extra early get up, the traffic, the stress and the drive! Lorna Jane has continued tomotivate me to live an active, healthy and happy lifestyle, to continue to strive for my goals and dreams and to do the things that I am most passionate about. Without a doubt in my mind- I have chosen a good Aussie girl as my idol and inspiration that is for sure.

Thanks Toni for the company, Business Chicks Perth and Lorna Jane for the opportunity to attend.


Any thoughts/comments?

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