An espresso, commonly referred to as the “after-dinner” coffee, has very little nutritional value but wins it’s popularity by also boasting very few calories. An espresso contains a high dose of caffeine which will give you a good energy boost for your workout, or perhaps as an afternoon pick-me-up.

Cappuccino is an espresso topped with a generous amount of steamed milk made from full or skimmed milk. It contains about 6g of protein from milk, a small amount of sodium and approximately 150 calories when made with whole milk or 95 calories when made with skimmed milk.
Although not the best coffee of choice for those looking to lose weight, it does provide a good source of protein and calcium. (If you needed some convincing!)

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A latte is made from an espresso and even more steamed milk than a cappuccino. Each contains around 10g of protein from milk, 5g of fat and around 225 calories when made with whole milk and 135 when made with skimmed milk.

A mocha is an espresso with added steamed milk, chocolate syrup and at times whipped cream or ice cream. Because of its high fat content and added extras, it can contain more calories than most coffees with approximately 310 calories when made with whole milk and 230 calories when made with skimmed milk. So… drinking a mocha is basically the same as eating a chocolate bar.

An Americano is an espresso with added hot water. It often contains double the amount of caffeine as a single espresso – as much as 120 to 160g so it is not for the faint hearted!

A macchiato is an espresso served with a dash of steamed milk. Steamed milk tends to be more diluted with slightly less calories (winning) and even better news is that it doesn’t compromise on the nutritional content. An average cup contains around 4g of milk, 80g of caffeine, 90 calories (when made with whole milk) and 3g of protein.

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