Seriously, what is better than a post-workout protein shake?

I love the feeling of knowing that I have pushed and challenged myself during my workout, perhaps I’ve set a new PB or lifted heavier than usual, I have smashed a muscle group to the point of fatigue and exhaustion. Knowing that I get to treat and reward my body with a shake to fuel my muscles with bulk protein makes me so happy. Especially when my protein shake tastes like a spearmint milkshake!

I use Bodyworks Body Lean Protein and at the moment I am loving the spearmint flavour, although the other flavours are just as delicious! I shake it with 150-200mL of cold water and it still tastes so incredibly creamy, no milk needed!

Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 12.30.57 pmBody Lean Protein is a whey protein blend with added thermogenic fat metabolisers and an extensive and impressive Amino Acid profile.

For each 30g serve it contains a low 105 calories, perfect for those who are working towards a sleek and slender physique or wanting to drop a few kilos. With 27g of protein per serve, 0.15g of fat,  0.15g of carbs, 0.15g of sugar and 8 fat burners in it- it speaks for itself!

With 7 flavours available, Body Lean has something to suit your tastebuds. Head on over to to purchase your tub today.
For any questions or queries as to how Bodyworks products can work for you, feel free to contact me!

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