IMG_9589I usually deprive myself of raisin bread. Not because it is bread, just because it has a bad wrap for being high in calories and providing very little nutritional value. I mean lets face it- the sugar content is usually high and protein content is low. So finding a space for raisin bread in my high protein diet, is at times difficult! That was until I tried PureBred Bakery raisin toast. I purchased a loaf on sale at Woolworths and was astounded by the stats. Not only is it much higher in fibre and lower in fat, calories and sugar than other raisin bread brands, it is gluten free too! (Not to mention dairy, soy, nut and wheat free too!) Sure, it is still higher in carbs than my usual omelette breakfast, but as a sweet treat- this is my perfect go-to!

Two slices of PureBred raisin bread is only 142calories. Nutritional Information: 1.1g fat 7.6g fibre 6.5g sugar 26g carbs 3g protein I had two pieces of toast, topped with sliced banana, drizzled in honey and sprinkled with shredded coconut. It was filling and sweet and delicious- made my long weekend even better! They don’t stop at raisin bread though. PureBred Bakery makes a variety of sliced bread from wholemeal, to white, to chia seed loaf too. They have piklets, english muffins, buns and rolls in all different flavours. I can’t wait to try some of the other breads on offer.

Check out for more information and head on down to your local Woolworths store to purchase your loaf today! You won’t be disappointed.

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