11665579_952171858138780_1049268451231568217_nWhatever your plans are for July 18 & 19, 2015- cancel them! Trust me, you will not want to be anywhere else, not after I tell you about an incredible PERTH event that I have been invited to!

Just last week, the highly rated and incredibly popular Japanese Restuarant- Tsunami in Mosman Park, invited me to their newest venture- the SuperSake Festival. Unfortunately, I will be having my surgery on these dates (18th & 19th July) so will be unable to attend. However, I am the lucky guest who gets to dine in at an earlier date to sample their amazing food prior to the event so that I can tell you all about it.

I will be heading to Tsunami this Friday night to meet with the event organisers and the event supervising chef to to get a low-down on everything that is to be offered at such an exciting festival. I will also get to taste many of the dishes and after checking out their menu… I can hardly wait! Although I haven’t eaten there yet, I can confidently suggest that you get your butts to Tsunami in Mosman Park and experience the festival for yourself, or at the very least- make a dinner reservation there sometime soon.
Check out what is on offer!
SuperSake Festival July 18 & 19
Tsunami Restaurant’s new venture “SuperSake” is holding Perth’s inaugural Sake Festival on the grounds of Tsunami on July 18 & 19 (Saturday and Sunday). The ‘matsuri’ (festival) will run over two days starting from 12 noon until 9 at night.

1908149_934936739862292_4501002443615095081_nThere will be over 55 different types of sake from many different ‘shuzos’ (sake breweries) from all over Japan to sample. So yes- 2 days of sake sampling nirvana! The SuperSake festival will feature wide range of sakes from  nama genshu, murokas, nigori, junmai, junmai ginjos, junmai daiginjos and bodaimoto method sakes, as well as multiple plum wines, yuzu and mikan wines and even shochu. All guests will be able to purchase bottles at the festival to take home if they like what they sample.

In addition there will be a variety of food ‘stalls’ cooking a wide range of food to match the sake.

11350641_937755692913730_4158411605156737445_nI am so insanely jealous of everyone who can attend the SuperSake Festival on the 18th and 19th of July as Japanese food (and drinks) are my absolute favourite cuisine. I am unable to sample many of the Sake varieties at the earlier date due to the fact that the sakes are warehoused in Kewdale and the bottles are only brought into Tsunami just before the festivities. There are absolutely NO PRESERVATIVES in sake and therefore it is super important for them to be stored in the warehouse where they are being kept under 5 degrees celsius.

For more information or event details and enquiries, please don’t hesitate to ask or contact:

Tsunami Japanese Restaurant
 18 Glyde Street, Mosman Park 6012

Any thoughts/comments?

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