Thankful Thursday #1

OurThankfulThursday120614Today I am thankful for so many things!
But the most important entry in my gratitude diary this week and the one I want to share with you today is actually pretty exciting.
In fact, I’d been go as far to say LIFE CHANGING!

IMG_0866This week, the American and I purchased our ONE-WAY tickets to the USA! In December, we will be packing up our lives here in Australia and moving to the States to try our luck over there.

We will begin our USA adventure in LA where I will meet some of the Americans childhood friends before heading to his home in Ohio for the Christmas holidays. I am so exciting (and slightly nervous I guess) to meet his family and friends. I feel much better knowing that I’ve met his parents and one of his aunties and cousins but cannot wait to finally meet his brother, brothers wife and their three kids. From here, we will hopefully spend some time exploring a few different places that we might eventually call home for the next year or so.

I cannot tell you what I am going to do for work yet as I really don’t know. It is super hard to get a working visa in the USA and all nonresidents need to be sponsored in a workplace in order to attain a job. I would love to pursue a career in Personal Training and Nutrition but I am open to any opportunities that may come my way! I know something amazing will come up…it always does.

So there you have it! Massive changes coming our way in 2016. We only have a few short months left here with our family and friends so will ensure that we make the most of every moment and seize everyday. I can’t say I’m nervous about it..the timing feels right and I trust that the decisions we have made are the right ones. I guess the only thing playing on my mind is a comment the American’s dad made when he was in Australia earlier in the year. He said to me, “What will happen if the two of you ever come out to the States, what will you call the American then?” “You might have to be the Australian!” OH NO!


Any thoughts/comments?

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