IMG_0435Can you guess how I’ve been spending my holidays? Prepping my food for surgery of course.

Seeing as I will be almost completely inactive for up to 8 weeks, I need to make sure I am prepared and focused to try and maintain my current weight. I have prepared my lunches for the entire recovery time, approximately 2-3 weeks. By then, I’m hoping I can be a little more mobile and start cooking for myself again.

IMG_0437Until then though, I have boiled broccoli, capsicum, zucchini, onion, chicken and baked sweet potato to keep me fuelled with the right nutrition. I will continue to enjoy an egg white, spinach and tomato omelette in the mornings and then eat as routinely as possible at dinner time. As I will be staying with my parents, I can’t be too fussy- although they are very supportive of my eating habits and are more than happy to accommodate most of my requests.

You will be seeing some new, stomach satisfying recipes also. My dad is a great cook and has the ability to make the most delicious meal out of practically nothing! Keep your eyes peeled as part of the “Fit Food Friday” section.

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