IMG_0228So I am now just over a week out from my surgeries, which is going to put a huge spanner in the works. I will be unable to train for 8 weeks or more which is going to just about kill me as I usually train everyday, resting only when my body tells me it needs a break! However, I am learning to train my mind to see the positives in this process and am slowly coming around to the idea that it will make me stronger mentally and better prepare and inspire me for future training.

Last week I received some great feedback from one of my Instagram followers and friends, who requested that I post more of my workouts. So although workouts will be no-existent for quite some time (after this week that is), I will endeavour to post my last week of training and “would-be-workout” routines for you to follow throughout my surgery and recovery time.
In fact, there are lots of exciting things planned for my followers!
IMG_0377To keep myself busy, I have organised a little project that you might just be interested in. Without giving too much away, ask yourself these questions:

1) Do you like FREE clean eating and healthy recipes that won’t break the bank or cost you an entire night of preparation in the kitchen?
2) Do you want product reviews from real-life people who aren’t advertising or pushing a product for money?
3) Are you lacking motivation or inspiration to train hard and nourish yourself properly?
4) Are you sick of your usual workout routines? Looking to mix it up a little?

If you answered yes to one or more of the above questions… you are in luck!


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