Today, my PT books arrived in the mail, I could have kissed the FedEx guy. I mean what perfect timing with them being delivered right before my surgery! I had already started the study components for Chapter 1 as I also have access online, but I study best with hard copies/books in front of me so that I can highlight and scribble on them to retain the information. So this afternoon I went through the first few chapters again and found one part about principles of motivation and adherence, extremely informational and interesting…which I have decided to share with you also.

Motivation= the psychological drive that gives behaviour direction and purpose. Relatively simple to understand but very difficult to master! It is one thing that you cannot force on to someone, you cannot buy it, you cannot borrow it, you cannot fake it! Motivation can sometimes be described as a personality trait but can come from a variety of different sources, either extrinsic or intrinsic. It can come from other peoples encouragement, guidance and support- which is my goal and aim. I want to help people to become self-motivated and build in them a genuine love of training, health and fitness. Although in saying that, it is almost impossible to motivate someone who does not want to be motivated! So I am building up my repertoire of strategies to help educate and teach others into how living a healthy and active lifestyle is not only life changing but the only way to live!

To be intrinsically motivated means that a person is engaged in exercise activity for the genuine desire, pleasure and experience that comes from being engaged in activity. People who are intrinsically motivate to train are usually driven by they goals whether it be the challenge, social engagement or skill development that comes with it! They actually just love training and working out and have positive attitudes towards it. Safe to say, not everyone is 100% intrinsically motivated and most people are fall on the continuum of equal intrinsic/extrinsically motivated! To be extrinsically motivated is to be physically active because of an external factor. It might be to lose weight, to make they spouse happy, to look good for a particular event, to meet new people etc. Extrinsic motivation is the reasoning behind why most people start an exercise regime, yet without building up a clients love of training and therefore their intrinsic motivation, it is unlikely that they will stick to the program. Sure- whilst they are still losing weight, meeting people or whatever that extrinsic motivation is, they are going to train even if just for that sole purpose. But for a person to adhere to a training/fitness program, they need to find a love for it so that when they plateau or hit their first obstacle, they have the self-efficacy to continue!

I just love learning about motivation and what makes people tick! I know what motivates me and I am having great success with my clients. In fact I can’t wait for Friday when I will be sharing with you Emma‘s first transformation picture. After only 2 weeks of training and eating using my custom-made plans for her, she has already dropped 3 kgs and is below 70kgs! So extremely proud of her and can’t wait to share her story so far with you all. This is definitely the path I want to head down and pursue a career in helping people to transform their lives and live the life that they have always imagined for themselves. What a rewarding and seriously  cool job! (If I can even call it that!)

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