“No Feet Required” Ab Workout.

IMG_7745This photo captivates my excitement today.

Today, after 5 weeks of inactivity, I am going to start my  “no feet required” abs program! It requires no weights and of course, very little movement of the feet or legs so is suitable for us who have issues.

I haven’t trained in 5 weeks, in fact I’ve hardly even moved so this is going to be a challenge for sure. I am going to start today by completing 20 reps of each exercise and repeat the circuit three times. I’m hoping in the next few weeks to build upon this and work my way up to more reps and more sets and hopefully some ab definition! Now, who’s with me? Workout details are below. 
3 sets of 20 reps
– Heel touches
– Russian twists
– leg raises
– Crunches with feet raised
– V-sits
– Jack knives
– Ab cycles


Any thoughts/comments?

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