1000-a-day Recover Workout Challenge.


IMG_22191000-a-day recovery challenge

Light weights and lots of reps is how I’m rolling this week- who’s with me?

The only equipment you will need is:
– a fitness/yoga mat and
–  light dumbbells of your choice.
I am borrowing dumbbells so using 2kgs  and 4kgs dumbbells as that was what I could get my hands on. But it is not necessarily about the weight we are lifting, but the reps and fatigue we are causing the muscles by training them continuously.
– 100x bicep curls
– 100x front raises
– 100x forward punches
– 100x shoulder press
– 100x tricep kickbacks (50x each arm)
– 100x standing oblique crunch (50x each side)
– 100x squats
– 100x donkey kicks (50x each leg)
– 100x sit ups
– 100x alternate heel touches (abs)


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