So, with another week brings even more progress and further updates for those following my surgery and recovery. This week has brought with it some pretty cool milestones. I have now removed the spacers and all bandages surrounding my war-wounds and rather interesting looking scars! Which means for the first time in what feels like forever, I have been able to shower myself. I am still using the shower stool to sit on so as I don’t have to stand for a prolonged period of time, but can finally get my feet wet without having to wrap them in plastic bags and dangle them out of the shower! YEAH!

I am still needing to wear my velcro boots until the next post-op appointment with my surgeon on the 2nd of September, but at least I can now sleep without them to give my heels and ankles a break. Just when I didn’t think it  could get more painful…I’ve got the worst blisters from the boots! It’s the worst as I am not allowed to stand or move without them, so it is proving very difficult to let the blisters break and heal for themselves.

As for my feet, they are still very tender to walk on and throb if I stand for too long or walk too far. But every day I becoming more independent and am slowly doing more for myself like cooking breakfast and making the odd lunch (you might have picked up on that from recent blog posts!)  I can now make my own cup of tea, but still unable to carry it as when I say I am hobbling- I’m slower than a turtle and look like I’m moving on roller skates, completely unbalanced and with the pumping wide arms!

The scars will only get better now that they are not enclosed under bandages and dressings. I wear thin stretchy socks and my gorgeous velcro boots whenever I am standing or walking, which still feels tender when the boots rub on the incisions. But I am so excited to have made it this far in such a short amount of time and know it will only get easier from here.

Again on this Thursday I am thankful! Thankful for progress and for my health. Thankful for my mum who has taken all this time off to look after me and support me. Thankful for the American who has been nothing short of amazing in spending all his spare time with me and doing nothing but studying with me, bringing me food and listening to me whinge. I’m thankful for my friends who have been popping in to join me on the couch, who have shared their books with me, kept me upbeat with their stories and for everyone’s text messages and “get well soon” emails. I am thankful for everything- life is good!

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