Perth Fitness & Health Expo.

IMG_2486Yesterday the American and I caught the train into the city to attend the Perth Fitness and Health Expo, which was held at the Perth Convention & Exhibition Centre. Although the expo was scheduled all weekend from Friday through to Sunday, we were lucky enough to score two day passes for Saturday’s event.

IMG_2487We arrived at around 10am and met up with several other friends at the main stage, to listen to Kim Beach present. Although she seemed rather nervous, she spoke well and mentioned some interesting points about nutrition, supplements and training. It was uplifting to hear that everyone has their down days and days when they lack motivation but it was also very reassuring in knowing that I definitely want to pursue a career in the Health and Fitness world. This is definitely my passion and I like to think “my calling” to help others to live the best life that they can, by being healthy, fit and positive too. I was lucky enough to win a Kim Beach water bottle during her presentation, so my day was off to a good start!From here we went to get our photograph taken with the Commando and Michelle Bridges from The Biggest Loser. We didn’t have to line up for very long either which was a great bonus. Both the commando and Michelle Bridges were extremely nice and it was fantastic to meet some of the big names in the industry, who inspire and motivate me to not only train hard and eat well, but to pursue my studies also.

From here we wandered around the various exhibitors at  the expo. Some of my “Muscle Sisters” from the gym were working at the Flush Fitness stands so we started off there, sampling Titan protein bars and Muscle Milk before saying our goodbyes and checking out some clothing stands such as Running Bare, Freddy’s and Lorna Jane. Screen Shot 2015-09-13 at 12.33.45 pmAlthough I didn’t purchase anything they all  had quite a good variety on offer in a range of sizes. On our walk we saw the Lupin Foods stand where we sampled some cookies and dip made from Lupin flakes. I purchased some Lupin Flakes so that I could recreate some of these recipes at home as well as make some “Lupinola” (similar to granola but without the oats, which makes it a better fit with my macros!)I also purchased some Green Tea X50 in an assortment on flavours and picked up some pre-workout samples also.

IMG_2505After we had purchased all that we had wanted and sampled just about everything on offer, we headed back to the main stage to watch a fitness competition in which one of the girls from our gym was competing in. Boy was it motivating watching all these beautiful, fit bodies on stage! I know for a fact I could never be disciplined enough to compete but I would absolutely love to eat and train hard to see just how far I could push my body. I was in absolute awe of these amazingly determined women, which was made even better in that our girls walked out with the first place trophy!

IMG_2493We had such a great time at the expo and it was fantastic to bump into people in the fitness industry that I’d met through Rare Candy taste testing nights and gym openings.

I left feeling even more inspired and determined to get back into good eating habits, training and working hard for the body that I want.

The American and I enjoyed what was left of the afternoon in the city, eating good food and discussing our PT study and making plans for our fitness future. 


Any thoughts/comments?

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