Italian Wine & Food Festival.

IMG_2552On Sunday, the American and I attended our first event as a “Media Accredited Blog”.  I had been invited months earlier to blog about and promote the Italian Wine & Food Festival as it was the first of it’s kind in Perth and was delighted to receive complimentary entry passes for my efforts. The Festival’s purpose was to create a new generation of Italian wine and food lovers through education, experience and connection. It was evident that everyone involved, from stall holders, to the chefs, to the event staff, were all passionate about Italian wine, food, and it’s culture!
When we arrived, we ticked our names off at the door and had a walk through the bottom floor of Perth Town Hall, known on this day as the Food Market Floor. We purchased tokens on arrival which allowed us to sample many different Italian foods. Scott sampled different meats on offer and some pasta, although everything had red meat in it so I must admit I was a little disappointed. I was expecting breads, olive oils and dips etc but we did shared a cheese tasting plate, which was delicious! We saw the cutest little gelato stand so I made sure the American kept enough tokens for me to taste a flavour or two before we left!

IMG_2541As we kept walking we were able to see live cooking demos by some of Australia’s top Italian chefs. Although we didn’t hang around long enough to actually sample the foods cooked, they smelt delicious indeed!

Upstairs was the Festival’s Tasting Hall- this is where the action was! We received a complimentary wine glass in which we could use to sample more than 200 premium Italian wines and let me tell you, we gave it a fair crack! It was so interesting to hear about the different grape varieties and some of the country’s history. We even stumbled upon Vineyard 28, a local winery in Harvey right near us. They only had samples of their Italian wines on offer so Scott and decided that we must make the drive out there before we leave for the States to sample some of our favourite blends!

After drinking more wine than we had planned to, we finished off our afternoon/evening of drinking with the ever popular Italian cocktail, the Aperol Spritz in the upstair Spritz “Garden”. After resting our feet for s hot while, we headed back downstairs to sample the gelato! I had Nutella flavour whilst Scott had Stracciatella.

IMG_2563We had the most amazing day and met the most genuine and lovely people. I congratulate the Italian Chamber of Commerce & Industry in Perth and all those who helped organise such a terrifically successful event. We felt very honoured to have been invited to share in this special event and look forward to the next!

I recommend everyone to purchase tickets to this event should it be repeated again next year. It was so well organised and everyone involved was more than helpful, enthusiastic and passionate about food and wine!


Any thoughts/comments?

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