This afternoon a friend picked me up from my apartment and drove me to the gym for a workout as I am still unable to drive.  It was such an uplifting feeling returning to my happy place at Non-Stop Fitness and it was made all the better that the gym was filled with friendly faces that welcomed me back and helped me to settle straight back in. The boys found it hilarious that I waddled everywhere, even carrying a barbell, but the girls were super helpful and kept offering to carry weights and pack things away for me to save me walking. How cute! But nope- I didn’t need a hand (I needed feet hehe) and I was more determined than ever to get through my workout.

I squeezed into my sneakers just long enough to fit in a 40 minute bis and tris workout, which I have attached below should you want to give it a go. (Be sure to adjust the weights accordingly- these are very light and would suit a beginner!Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 3.05.38 pm

As you can see from the above workout, I couldn’t even finish what I had set for myself. I didn’t lift as heavy as I wanted nor did I complete as many reps as I’d have liked. But I need to remind myself that I am starting again from scratch and that I need to stay focused as goals come to those who work hard and never give up! I am still so pleased that I could finally return to the gym and I can’t wait to come back tomorrow for a Booty workout!

Hope you had a great day too!

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