IMG_2369On Thursday, I had my post-op BioXscan. I usually love getting a scan as it motivates me and reassures me that the hard work I have been putting in, has been paying off in regards to my body fat percentage, muscle mass, measurements etc.

However, after having almost 9 weeks off training and being very inactive, I must admit I was dreading this scan. I only gained a kilo, which is perhaps credit to eating clean and well balanced meals most of the time, with only an odd naughty snack her and there to keep me social and sane!

However,  I went from 14% body fat to 22%! So as much as I agree that diet is a massive part of being fit and healthy and losing/maintaining weight, I am also a huge advocate of weight training as that is what builds muscle and shapes the body. As you can see from my scan in the photo above, although I am still within the “normal” range, I have lost a lot of lean muscle.

I have set myself a challenge to get to 13% by summer. It is going to be super tough considering that I am still learning to walk properly again, finding my balance without my moon boots and unable to put my feet into enclosed shoes for any length of time. I still cannot run, jump, skip or do any activities that require me putting my body weight on my toes so cardio and HIIT training will not commence until October, as suggested by my surgeon. But as of tomorrow I will be back in the gym doing a little bit of rowing, stationary cycling and lifting weights to start me off. I can’t wait to get back to the gym. I am more motivated than ever before to get back into shape, to eat well and continue along on my fitness and health journey. No doubt that the past few months have been a huge hump in my road, but I’m not going to let that stop me! In fact I’m going to use it to influence,  inspire and motivate me to push my body further and harder than I ever have before.
Simone 2.0 is in the making so WATCH THIS SPACE!

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