IMG_2262Yesterday I had my second post-op appointment with my surgeon, which marked just over 7 weeks since my surgery date. The whole morning and the entire drive up there, I was feeling anxious yet excited about what news I may receive. I was hoping for good news from my surgeon in that I could take off my moon boots and start exercising again- even if it is just light training! I knew that going back to my job as a sports teacher was out of the question for a week or so until I could wear proper, enclosed shoes for longer periods of time…but I was hopeful that the recovery process was up to his standard and I was hitting all the benchmarks needed to progress.

My visit started with an X-ray before seeing my surgeon around 11am. He checked his computer to view the X-ray and confirmed that my feet were no longer broken and that the screws were sitting as he has wanted which means the rotation of the bones was perfect. However, both my feet were more swollen than he had expected at this point in my recovery which means that the moon boots have to stay for a little bit longer. BUT… I am allowed to start trialling other shoes that are flat and wide so that’s great news! I can wear sneakers for short amounts of time from next week to do some stationary cycling at the gym and can do some light weights so long as I’m not jumping, running, placing my body weight on my toes etc.

I could not be happier knowing that as of next week I can start training again- I don’t care how light or slow I will have to start!  You could not wipe the smile off my face: no more wearing moon boots 24/7 and being able to get back to my happy place- the gym!

IMG_7951Tonight The American and I have booked in for a BioXscan which will record my weight, measurements, body fat percentage, etc. The results are not going to be nice and it will be a big change from my previous 14% but I am so ready to see the results, take them on board knowing and accepting that there was nothing I could do to help it as I have had to be completely inactive for 8 weeks. My diet was about an 8/10- I definitely consumed less calories and tried to eat right 80% of the time but I definitely indulged in more sweets and treats then I would usually, including the most delicious wedding cupcake EVER last week. But I know as soon as my head is in the zone again, I can smash previous goals and hit new PB’s.

Can’t wait to share with you all my BioXscan results and provide details on my training routine and nutritional intake for the next few months to ensure I am in the best shape of my life for my big move to the USA!

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