Food & Wine Expo.

IMG_3369The Food & Wine Expo, an annual 3-day event, was held this weekend at the Perth Convention Centre and the American and I had tickets!
We arrived just before noon, received our free cooler bags on entry and purchased our wine glass in order to taste test and sample some of the best wine our country has to offer. With a sensational range of wines from both local wineries and interstate, it took as a good couple of hours to taste, sample and learn from the winegrowers and owners. Some of our favourites were Raw Vine and Raidis. Not a wine drinker? Not to worry- there were plenty of other alcoholic beverages to sample such as chocolate vodka, coco vodka, ciders and liquors too!

Amongst the wine vendors were a range of food stalls also. Although there were not as many free samples as there was with the wine, we couldn’t complain! Scott was very pleased with all the many Jerky varieties on offer as samples. Most of the food vendors at the expo were selling fast food or deep fried options- which really isn’t my thing! Scott had a gourmet Hot Dog from the “Taste of Africa” stand but unfortunately there was nothing healthy for me to chomp on! Although I was disappointed (being a Food Expo I was expecting more!) I was secretly excited that it meant we could go out for lunch after we were done at the expo. If you are keen to find read about our lunch date, be sure to check out my review of the Metro Bar & Bistro.

IMG_3363I couldn’t come to a Food Expo without eating, so before we left Scott and I purchased some chocolate covered strawberries, bananas and turkish delights from the Gourmet Snacks Stand. The strawberries and banana were unexpectedly frozen so hurt my teeth and the turkish delight was a little too sweet for my liking- but Scott happily devoured all three treats 🙂

Amongst all the food vans and stalls were a variety of what I referred to as the “Show and Tell” exhibitors. Although they weren’t selling anything, they had goods or services that they were offering at show prices. A few stalls caught my eye including Ana’s Homemade Goodies and Lulu’s & Dolly’s Cakes. Check out the amazing jams and cakes the girls had on display!

IMG_3367We had a wonderful afternoon strolling through the exhibitors, drinking wine and chatting with the stall holders. This is the first Food and Wine Expo we have attended and it is safe to say that it won’t be our last!

Thanks for having us!


Any thoughts/comments?

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