Zomato Meet Up #1


OPENING HOURS: Mon- Sat: Noon-Midnight | Sun: Noon-10pm
ADDRESS: 519 Beaufort Street, Highgate, Perth, WA
PHONE:(08) 9328 8255

Due to a very unexpected invitation from the Zomato team, I was fortunate enough to have been invited to the October ‘A Taste of Must’ dining experience at the Must Wine Bar in Highgate, along with several other top food bloggers in the Perth area.

‘A Taste of Must’ is a 4-course tasting menu with a themed focus on a seasonal ingredient that is locally farmed and sourced, which is paired with specific wines that compliment each dish. These dining experiences take place once a month and the seasonal food focus for my night was ASPARAGUS. I was excited to see how the head chef and owner, Russell Blaikie and his team, would include asparagus in each dish- especially dessert!

After being shown our table, set on the mezzanine level, we were greeted by a knowledgeable and evidently passionate team member who talked us through the menu for the night.
For starters, we would enjoy a ‘Season of Love’ Asparagus Infused Gin Sour, which was a delightful shot of gin that had been infused with asparagus for several days and served with the most delicate flower on top. The appetiser which accompanied the gin, was Blue manna crab custard with asparagus tips & Prosciutto & white asparagus crostada. The crab custard was explained to us as an egg custard combined with chicken stock and chive oil for full flavour. It was so soft and smooth, Im not sure if I’ve ever eaten anything of this consistency before but I loved it. It was a real bamboozle for my taste buds but they were not complaining! Unfortunately I don’t eat red meat so didn’t try the prosciutto and white asparagus crostada, but the other foodies at my table were raving on about it, so it must have been good!

The next course was entree: Asparagus & shallot tart satin, mushroom foam & white wine gastrique served with a glass of Right Reverend V ‘Industria’ Chardonnay from Margaret River. The presentation of this tart was amazing indeed and consisted f slow cooked shallots with both fresh and raw asparagus diced a top of the tart and amongst the mushroom foam. The white wine and sugar gastrique was complimentary and supplied a sweet hint to the dish that complimented the wine to perfection!

Next up was our main dish: Middle Eastern spiced lamb rump, asparagus two ways: ‘risotto’ & raw salad shanklish with a walnut tahini paired with Rockcliffe ‘Third Reef’ Shiraz from the Great South of WA. This dish was explained as a marinated lamb rump that had been cooked for 1.5 hours at a low temperature. However as I don’t eat meat-the team served up the most deliciously tender chicken breast with a crispy skin coating. The meat was accompanied with ‘risotto’ which was later explained to us as asparagus. Russell had his amazingly talented apprentice cut asparagus spears into rice sized grains! The buttery walnut tahini was so yum- I could have eaten an entire bowl of it! And the feta included in the raw salad shanklish, which we all agreed was far different to our usual tasting feta, had been air dried for a week and a half giving it an entirely different flavour and texture. These guys are genious!

Our final course was the one I had been waiting for the most- how were they going to use asparagus in this dish? Chocolate ‘aero’ with salted caramel ice-cream & samphire served with Rockford ‘Cane Cut’ Semillon from the Barossa Valley, SA. This dessert was even more special as we were given the opportunity to meet and chat with Russell Blaikie, the mastermind behind the menu. He explained that this dish consisted of aerated chocolate that had been refrigerated and then smashed into small pieces and shaved to top the house made salted caramel ice-cream and topped with samphire which is an asparagus of the sea which is quite salty. The team coated the salty samphire with sugar which, when accompanied with the salted caramel- was a party in my mouth!

I cannot comment as to which dish was my favourite as I enjoyed all equally and immensely. I felt extremely honoured to have been part of such a special night and I look forward to attending the next! If you are keen to check our ‘A Taste of Must’ check out the times and themes below:

  • Tuesday 10th Nov – Egg
  • Tuesday 1st Dec – Cherry
  • Tuesday 5th Jan – Cheese

IMG_3240Thanks to Grace and the Zomato team for your generous invitation, Russell and the Must Bar team for putting on a seriously wonderful night. Your passion towards cooking/ preparing and presenting food shone through each dish and your dedication towards supporting local farms and vineyards is an absolute credit to you. Thanks to the awesome company- I loved talking al things food and wine with the top bloggers of Perth and I hope to meet up with you all again soon!




Any thoughts/comments?

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