STOP- Coffee Time!

IMG_2273Why drink coffee? Other than the fact that it wards off sleep, improves athletic performance, decreases pain and fatigue, boosts memory and enhances our mood…it just tastes to damn good too!

Caffeine almost instantly enters the bloodstream and within less than an hour reaches all organs of the body, causing physiological changes that last for up to 6 hours. Caffeine enhances athletic performance as it sustains duration, maximises effort and quickens speed- it also decreases our perceived exertion levels which makes high intensity efforts less taxing.

IMG_8793Now, whilst I am exposing you to the use of caffeine as a pre workout fuel (or a morning fuel), I am certainly not saying you need to drink excessive amounts! It’s not like the more you drink, the better or higher effects of the above advantages. In fact it is quite the opposite! Chronic caffeine use contributes to high blood pressure, high blood sugar, decreased bone density in women, jittery nerves and sleeplessness.

Need help deciding which style of coffee best suits your eating plan? Read my previous post… But First,  Coffee!


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