Rocco’s Italian Restaurant, Fremantle.

OPENING HOURS: Tues- Sun: 11.30am-10pm|Closed Mon
ADDRESS: 217 South Terrace, South Fremantle, WA
PHONE:(08) 9335 6939

The American and I were in the Fremantle area recently renewing our First Aid certificate, ready for the completion of our PT course next month. Seeing as we had a long day of learning and that we were right in the middle of Freo AKA a foodies dream, we decided to treat ourselves to an early dinner. Although we were spoilt by choice, we wanted something close by and relatively casual, as we weren’t dressed for anything flash! After driving along South Terrace, a quaint Italian restaurant by the name of “Ruocco’s” caught our eye. The corner restaurant was lined with small tables and chairs which were filled with people enjoying a glass of vino and sharing pizzas in what was left of the afternoon sun.

We wandered in and were greeted by a bubbly waitress (the only one that smiled the entire time we were there)  who showed us to a table for two in the front dining area. The restaurant which seemed small was actually segmented into several different dining areas and separated by a bar, open kitchen and dessert stand too. The entire restaurant walls were painted with Italian landscape and scenery, which although outdated, set the scene for this traditional Italian joint.

Insalata di Tonno

Insalata di Tonno

The menu was substantial and had plenty to choose from- pizzas, pastas, meats, seafood, chicken and plenty of entrees and desserts too. We ordered some garlic bread to start and to sustain us whilst we looked over the menu. I couldn’t decided between the Seared Tuna Steak or the Pesto Crusted Chicken, luckily our waitress was so friendly and helpful by convincing me that the tuna is more popular and one of her personal favourites. How could I refuse to order it with a comment like that?

Prosciutto & Walnut Ravioli

Prosciutto & Walnut Ravioli

The American ordered the Prosciutto and Walnut Ravioli: a pasta served with baby spinach, tomato, spanish onions and lemon zest n a thyme and sage butter sauce ($28). When it was served to the table, our waitress asked if he wanted pepper and/or parmesan, of which he wanted both. I love that he was given the option before it was just assumed as that way everyone is happy! I personally am not a fan of added toppings, so would have politely refused whereas Scott loves them so could add as much or little as he liked. Although the portion size wasn’t large, he commented that it left him feeling satisfied and content- and had just enough room for dessert!

Malteaser Ilgelato

Malteaser Ilgelato

I ordered the Insalata di Tonno: a seared tuna steak served on a sad of rocket,orange segments, nectarines, cherry tomatoes, quinoa, spanish onions, peppers, toasted almonds & raspberry vinigarette ($26). This meal had to of been made for me! Everything that I love in one dish: tuna, fruit, almonds and quinoa. The sweet combination of oranges, nectarines and the raspberry vinaigrette complimented the harsh raw red onion and perfectly seared tuna steak. I enjoyed it so much that I actually wanted to share it with Scott so that he could experience this splendid dish for himself. I’m normally a big of a meal hog (especially when I know mine is better) but I knew I would be talking about this dish for months to come, so he just had to try it. He too loved it!

Traditional Long Mac

Traditional Long Mac

After dinner, we ordered some coffees and a scoop of ice-cream each. I ordered a traditional long mac and a scoop of Malteaser flavoured Ilgelato, whilst Scott opted for a long black and scoop of choc chip ice cream in a cone. It wasn’t long before our ice creams were brought to us, with the store bought wafer cone wrapped in a napkin. I’m not going to lie, I was disappointed that the icecream came in a cheap (and stale) wafer cone as opposed to a waffle cone! I decided to scoop the ice cream out of the cone using a spoon and left the cone on the table. As for our coffees, we were a little disappointed also. For an Italian restaurant, we were expecting a good coffee, yet it was weak and uninspiring.

Our total bill came to just under $80, which we felt was value for money- although the dessert and coffee left a bad taste in our mouths.


Any thoughts/comments?

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