IMG_3031Muscular fitness encompasses a combination of both muscular endurance and muscular strength. Muscular endurance represents a muscle’s ability to resist fatigue and perform work for successive repetitions whilst muscular strength refers to the muscles ability to overcome resistance.

The following list describes the many health- related benefits of muscular fitness AKA lifting weights!

1. It enhances our ability to carry out everyday activities with ease, which leads to an increase in our self esteem and our sense of independence.
2. Provides for musculoskeletal integrity which reduces common musculoskeletal injuries.
3. It enhances/ maintains fat-free mass and positively implants our Resting Metabolic Rate
(Yes! This means you get to eat more as you metabolism speeds up-this reason alone is enough for me to keep lifting!)
4. Guards us against osteoporosis by protecting and enhancing our bone density
5. Enhances glucose tolerance, which protects us against Type 2 diabetes
6. Reduces the cardiovascular response to resistance-type activities, which enables us to do more without fatigue!6

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