IMG_3307Below is the workout that I completed this morning for “Arms Day”. Although I don’t usually train bis and tris together, with a shortened workout week for me due to travelling, I put the two together. With that being said, training bi’s and tri’s together today actually felt better than training them alone because I could do supersets to take each muscle to complete exhaustion. I haven’t included my weights as we will all be at different stages in our weight lifting journeys. A good pump is the best way to know whether you’re getting a good workout.  Arm day is the way!

REST: 30-60secs between sets

SUPERSET #1: (4sets x 12 reps)
Standing biceps curls with dumbbells 

Triceps push-downs 

SUPERSET #2: (4sets)
21 method curls with barbell
Tricep kickbacks on bench with dumbbells

SUPERSET #3: (4sets x 15 reps)
EZ-bar bicep curls, reverse grip
Seated tricep overhead extensions with dumbbell

(4sets x 20 reps)
Hammer curls with dumbbells
Overhead cable tricep extensions with rope

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