FullSizeRenderPushups are performed to increase upper body strength and muscular fitness, specifically the pecs, triceps and anterior delts. There are so many different ways of doing push ups depending on which muscles you are most wanting to isolate and train. The most common form is the standard push up (or perhaps even the modified push up for women or beginners).

So how should a standard push up be performed in order for it to be safe and effective in building muscle?

  • The hands should point forward and be positioned shoulder width apart, directly under the shoulders
  • The hips and shoulders should be aligned and the head should remain in a neutral to slightly extended positionA complete push up requires:
  • Start in the “down position” (laying on the mat)
  • Full elbow extension with a straight back and rigid torso in the “up” position
  • Chest touching a rolled towel or foam block without resting the stomach or body on the mat in the “down” position

How many can you do without stopping? Comment below!

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