Cafe One58 Review.

Yesterday, some school friends and I caught up at Cafe One58 for breakfast. We had chosen this particular cafe as a few weeks ago Ally and I went there for coffee and saw such amazing food coming out form the kitchen and decided that we wanted to try it too! Also, Cafe One58 has such great reviews online too! The 8 of us arrived around 8.30am to find that they had reserved a table for us inside in the aircon- which was perfect as yesterday was a scorcher in Mandurah. The waitress came and put cold water jugs on the table and took our coffee orders too. She was polite and friendly and advised us that once everyone had arrived, she would return to tell us of the specials and take our food orders. At 9am when all the girls were finally there, our lovely waitress came back as promised. We all ordered a variety of items from the menu including the Build your own Omelette ($16),  Corn Fritters ($19), Vege Wrap with Bacon ($14), Vege Breakfast ($18), Bacon Benny ($19), Bacon and Egg Sandwich ($11) and delicious juices and coffees too.

I, as always, had a million questions about the menu in which our waitress was so patient and polite with me. The corn & zucchini fritters were not deep fried, but grilled and I could substitute the fried egg for poached and leave out the bacon that it usual came with! WA HOO! I was one happy girl! Our coffee and juice orders came out scattered in timing, some finishing their mug before others had even got theres, but I guess that is to be expected when there was only one young guy working behind the coffee machine and only 2 other waiters/waitresses that I could see! I didn’t have a coffee on this particular morning, so cannot comment- but the girls seemed happy with the taste and temperature.

Unfortunately this is where our morning became somewhat disastrous!


Any thoughts/comments?

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