99fa25_8b2d92f20cb04019a804e34ec49947a4.png_srz_p_282_125_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_png_srzSO IF DENMARK WASN’T ONE OF MY MOST FAVOURITE PLACES IN WA TO BEGIN WITH… IT CERTAINLY IS NOW! 

After receiving a gourmet Dark Side Chocolate truffles sampler box amongst my Zomato gift bag, I am now desperate to get back to Denmark, and more importantly- Dark Side Chocolates ASAP!

Celebrated Winemaker turned Artisan Chocolatier, John Wade, creates the finest selection of handcrafted chocolates. A winemaker’s palate, the finest ingredients and impassioned zeal come together to create tempting truffles and caramel creams – impossible to resist. Dark Side Chocolates would make a delectable gift (especially with Christmas coming up) or the perfect piece to bring to a dinner party, celebration or to spoil a loved one. 

IMG_3660In the gift box that I was generously given by Zomato, I was lucky enough to sample three different truffles:
1) Salted Caramel
2) Blue Cheese
3) Beetroot & Shiraz

Salted Caramel Truffle
Darkside’s best selling chocolate and their product of the month was the salted caramel truffle! This mouth-watering truffle is a shell of 65% Venezuelan cacao  filled with gooey salted caramel made from sea salt, unsalted butter, fresh cream and cane sugar.
This was Scott’s favourite truffle as it literally melted in your mouth… one bite was simply NOT enough!

Blue Cheese Truffle
High quality blue vein cheese and a fresh Italian style mascarpone blended with 65% dark  chocolate which sits atop a base of Dark Side’s own quince puree. Dipped in dark couverture and topped with a colourful lid.
This was certainly a chocolate with a twist. Never before have I eaten a cheese flavoured chocolate before, but boy was it delicious. I could imagine my parents loving a gift box of these as it is the perfect after-dinner accompaniment to a liquor or red wine.

Beetroot and Shiraz Truffle
Oven-roasted beetroot pureed with 65% dark cacao and Great South Shiraz. Dipped in dark couverture and topped with dark cacao powder.
This truffle was my personal favourite, not only because of the soft texture and divine taste, but also for the impressive colourings too. If only I could get a lipstick as plum pink as this truffle!

IMG_3662I can’t wait to get my hands on even more flavours- the Wild Mint and Thai Chilli Mango are next on my hit list I think! Dark Side Chocolates caters for many different dietry requirements and offer chocolates and truffles that are gluten and dairy free. So next time you are in the Denmark area, be sure to pop in and say hi and of course sample as many chocolates as you can as they are all equally delicious.

For sales or more information head to: www.darksidechocolates.com.au

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