IMG_3840Yesterday afternoon I had another BioXscan. For those who are unfamiliar with a BioXscan it is a comprehensive body analysis that provides information about weight, body water, proteins, minerals, body fat mass and percentages, skeletal muscle mass etc I like to this of this analysis as my first “real” scan since my post-op scan.

For those of who you have just started following my fitness journey I will recap my scans to set the scene! (That was so many “scans” in one sentence- sorry!)IMG_5272

DEC 18 2014: 52.5kgs | 15.5% body fat
I had been training hard prior to this date and had slowly over the year lost close to 10kgs. Now that I had hit my goal weight, I wanted to have more than the scales to be my motivation. I had my first scan and was pretty impressed with 15.5% which put my on an “athletic” scale for women. This became my drive. I decided to train hard and eat as strictly as possible to get even lower.

IMG_7951MARCH 27 2015: 52.1kgs | 14.1% body fat
To date, this has been my best scan in regards to body fat percentage. I was at my leanest and feeling pretty good about myself. I was still within the athletes range of body fat for women but only just. Should I have hit 13% I would have been within the “essential fats” range.
This however, had become my new goal! I had received some pretty good information though from the team that complete my scans in that if I wanted to build muscle, I would have to increase my food intake and train on a different split so as my results would get better. I changed up my diet and my training schedule and hit it pretty hard. I needed to put on between 3-6kgs of lean muscle to get myself to ultimate shape!
Unfortunately in July I had both my feet broken, had the bones rotated and pinned which meant that I was to have 14 weeks off training- in fact I couldn’t even walk for most of it as I had moon boots etc through the recovery. I again changed up my diet to more fats, less carbs as this is what my body would process a bit better whilst being so sedentary. Although my diet was pretty tight, my training was non existent and the moment I could get sneakers on my feet (even with tears in my eyes putting them on and off) I went for a scan to see what changes had occurred.

SEPTEMBER 3 2015: 
53.1kgs | 22.2% body fat
Although I was pretty impressed with my weight (only gaining 1 kg) I was very disappointed with my body fat percentage. I felt like I had worked so hard to get my body into the best shape I’ve been in and just like that I was back to square one. Luckily, I am surrounded by people who motivated me, challenge me and push me to want to be the best version of myself. So instead of complaining about it, I used it as fuel and set myself new goals. I wanted to get to 13% body fat by the time I left for the USA on the 15th of December.

IMG_4157NOVEMBER 19 2015: 53.4kgs | 16.1% body fat
My latest scan was as to be expected. I’m neither ecstatic nor disappointed. I have certainly been training heavier and harder in my resistance training but due to being unable to be on my toes, run, hop, skip or jump- cardio has been non-existent!  My diet has been a lot less strict as I have been counting macros and enjoying flexible dieting for the past 2-3 months- which has positively effected my results as I’e gained 1.3kgs! My trunk and core needs a lot of work as it has been negatively effected and my arms are needing more work too.

I knew I wouldn’t be at 13%, it is more than obvious that I am not at my leanest,  but I don’t deserve to be either. When I reach my goal I want to know that I deserved it- that I worked my butt off for it and pushed myself to the extreme. I’m not there yet, but I’m close.  It’s time to switch up my training split once again and time to load up on even more good lean proteins, healthy fats and a heap more carbs! I’m doing all the right things to make my goals a reality and my mindset and focus since this scan is indestructible!

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